Why You Need To Work With An Agency


It’s time for your company/business to start the marketing push to take it to the next level. Word brochure templates and do-it-yourself websites just aren’t cutting it anymore. Your capabilities and more importantly your time has reached the end, and you need to get the business back – your business. So now you need to […]

Unicorns, Jack-of-All-Trades, and Experts


Hiring The Right People For Your Design Job When it comes to design, most people think having “designer” in your title makes you an authority on helping them with their design, especially if your rates are low. However, hiring the right designer requires more than a title and a low price tag. Let me give […]

Late Skate for Todd Lurtey

a picture of around 100 people skating on an ice rink

We want to share a family that is near and dear to Drum Creative, The Lurtey’s. Their 15 year old son, Todd, was diagnosed with cancer this past October and has had a tough battle with it. His cousin, Quinn, came up with the idea to do a Late Skate fundraiser to help their family […]

Prasso Ministries Website Launch

Prasso's website homepage

It truly is exciting for us as a group, when we get to work with an organization that is changing lives through God’s word. Prasso Ministries is a 12-week Bible study that teaches men and women to find hope and victory by repeatedly, continually, and habitually practicing God’s Word each day. The program includes teaching time […]

iPhone App Development And Design

Canal Insurance's App on several iPhones

During the Spring of 2011, Drum Creative had the privilege to work with Canal Insurance to design and develop a 1.0 Version of an iPhone App and Android App. Drum partnered with an application software developer to help with the navigation programming, and programming features in the Apps. We began the process by meeting with […]

Seek and Snap Digital Scavenger Hunt

a Let There Be Mom advertisement graphic

Drum is excited to once again be working with Let There Be Mom on a commercial for Seek and Snap, a digital scavenger hunt Saturday, April 9th. Create a 4-person team to compete in this family-friendly event. You’ll have 2 hours to seek answers to clues and snap proof of your find. A game of […]