5 Emotions That Turn Customers Into Lifelong Fans

Humans have a broad emotional spectrum, and we base our buying decisions on all those feelings. Love, hate, excitement, despair, satisfaction, envy—each tug on us uniquely. If your website and marketing content connects with those human emotions, you’ll significantly impact your customer’s buying decisions.   At least five strong emotions can immediately enhance your brand’s story. […]

Why Your Brand NEEDS An Emotional Story

You may have heard your website should predominantly feature and promote your best products or services, so that’s what you did. Then, you had high hopes that your site would attract new business, boost customer loyalty, or increase your bottom line. But that didn’t happen. So how can you get your website to move the […]

JSON-LD, Schema.org, and the Future of SEO

a man sitting in front of a pinboard with 20 pages pinned to the board

With more and more devices, cars, household items, watches, etc. sharing and accessing data, the need has emerged for a standard format for sharing data on the web. Developers are constantly working hard to make the information overload we face every day more connected and organized—by means of standardization. Schema.org is the solution for a […]

Graphic Designers Do More Than Draw Pretty Pictures

a graphic of the word design and arrows pointing to it

Graphic designers draw really pretty pictures that communicate your message with clarity and consideration, content and focus, creating an immediate impact to help your audience remember you in that instantaneous moment. We “draw” from the art of practice – from history, experience, understanding, and often limitations set by clients and/or the market. Graphic design is a […]

Images and Gravity Forms Notifications


One of our clients needed a form for their WordPress website that would enable visitors to submit photos that could be attached within the notification email. The request was problematic, in that the images being submitted were exceeding the file attachment size limit. If you run into a similar situation, here is a step-by-step tutorial […]

Celebrating 10 Years of Success

the Designing Impact for Over 10 Years logo in red and black

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Greenville, SC – September 25, 2015 In the academic world of design, there are two distinct schools of thought. One group is convinced that form follows function while the other group takes a more egotistical view, believing that function follows form. However, Drum Creative dances to the beat of a different drummer […]

Character Development and Design

Rec N Crew's Logo in Green and Brown

Character development and design for brands or services can take on many forms. In Greenville Rec‘s case, it came in the form of Petey the Penguin, Darby the otter, Homer the Duck, and Clyde the dolphin.  Greenville Rec chose Drum Creative to develop a family of characters to help build recognition and promote their family of parks among the community.   With […]

Navigating Brand Identity for the Long Haul

Canal Insurance's new logo on some business cards and other stationary

The decision to update a flagship brand or corporate identity, especially one that has existed for decades, requires expert navigation. Canal Insurance, a leading provider of commercial auto insurance to trucking operations, chose Drum as their creative co-pilot.   Understanding your brand from the inside-out and the outside-in is a critical first step in our […]

Developing New Business for Life

a look at several pieces of stationary with different designs sitting on a desk

No matter what the offering, new business is built on recognizing and mining your customer’s first-time experience. If you motivate a first-timer to return a second time, or even better, three times, you are well on your way toward developing a loyal customer for life. For over 5 years, West End Marketing Inc., the marketing agency of record for The Blood […]