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3 Tips for Creating A Successful Logo Design

Articles3 Tips for Creating A Successful Logo Design

There are tons of companies out there and with them come a whole bunch of company logos. While some get it right when it comes to logo design, many do a poor job of creating a logo. It’s easy to simply jump on the first design that you see, but the bottom line is that the design of your logo matters. You want to have a good logo and these three tips can help.

1. Make Your Design Appropriate

Someone should be able to look at your logo’s design and almost immediately know what industry you’re in. Don’t settle for a design that is ambiguous. If you can’t tell what the logo is trying to convey right away, chances are nobody else can either. Keeping that in mind, you also don’t want to explicitly show your products. According to Just Creative, 94 percent of the top brands in the world don’t describe what the company does. It should be hinted at but not stated outright.

2. Try to be Unique

If you have a boring or forgettable logo, you stand little chance of being recognizable. The Logo has to project your business’s purpose and message but it also has to be interesting. Stay away from design elements that you see often. According to Design Shack, new logo design fads become popular and then fade away in a couple of years. While you can always update your logo design at a later date, it’s better to pick something that’s original and unique from the start.

3. Choose the Right Colors

According to Mashable, different colors convey different things, and you need to choose the right colors for your brand. If you’re a law firm, picking a wide variety of bright colors is most likely too childish for you. Muted tones will offer more sophistication. However, they may be overlooked. It’s a tricky balance to get right and a good designer can help you tremendously.

Do you have a logo that you don’t feel suits your modern business? Does your current logo represent the things you want it to – what are the colors and overall design like? Is the design too old now or cliched? With all there is to think about with logo design, it’s generally best to hire a pro. Let our logo design professionals review your current branding and help design your next logo.

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