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Stand Out from the Crowd at Your Next Trade Show

ArticlesStand Out from the Crowd at Your Next Trade Show

It’s time for another trade show, and you’re just not that excited about your display. Maybe you’ve been doing a ton of these events and you feel like you’re not getting a great return for your time. If you want to see increased customer engagement and sales after a trade show, consider updating your booth design.

It can be tough to stand out at a crowded trade show, but there are a few booth design strategies that could give you a visibility boost. You need to both grab attendees’ attention and get them to come over to your booth – here are a few tips for updating your booth and attracting guests to your booth.

Have a Clear Message

Focus on one message at your booth. While your business may be multifaceted, trade show attendees are bombarded with information, and you want them to have a very clear idea of what you’re offering.

Limit your booth to three colors to make your message clear.

Make sure any text is easy to read and avoid too many distracting graphics and photos.

Boost Your Design

Play with levels – that could mean a tall vertical sign that rises above the crowd or a multilevel display for your materials. It could even mean graphics on the floor, drawing visitors to your booth if the venue allows it.

Outside the box – consider a unique shape for your signs. A curvy road if your company is in the automotive industry, a water droplet if you sell filters or softening systems. In a sea of rectangles and squares, your signs will stand out.

Go digital – a screen with looped video, a well-designed slideshow, or some other eye-catching graphic can go a long way toward attracting visitors to your booth. Good digital displays can be a significant part of your booth design, as long as you don’t go overboard.

If you’re looking for experienced help with your trade show design, contact us today. Our designers will work with you to give your booth design the boost it needs.

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