a group of scientists celebrating after the Rover on Mars launched

Celebrating Curiosity on Mars and Creativity on Earth

ArticlesCelebrating Curiosity on Mars and Creativity on Earth

It’s Not Rocket Science… or is it?

While we don’t mean to downplay the huge accomplishment of landing a one-ton vehicle on the surface of Mars, some 352-million miles away, it wasn’t only the landing that caught our attention. It was the celebration that ensued once Curiosity landed safely on the surface. It resonates with us because each and every website design that we create is a team mission for us. A mission of pooling our experience, creativity in design, and producing results for our clients. Every website that we create takes many hours and many people in order for that website to touch down safely and effectively on its landing page.

While not as big as landing on mars, we still celebrate with the same explosive enthusiasm when our clients are happy with the creative results of our team of designers, programmers, and writers. It’s a great feeling to know that our talents, teamwork, and technology have produced out-of-this-world results that make our clients and their business easier to discover.

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