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Sleigh Balls Swing, Were You Listening?

ArticlesSleigh Balls Swing, Were You Listening?

There are many traditions that surround the Christmas season. One of those traditions is the Christmas Office Party. While it could be argued, what makes a good party, we have to admit that our party was one to remember. This year the Drum team and their families headed over to AMF Star Lanes in Greenville for an afternoon of competitive Christmas bowling. We had special prizes given out for various accomplishments, such as most strikes in a game. We even had special colored pins cycling through the normal pins that you could win a special gift if you bowled a strike with a colored headpin. At the end of the day, individual trophies were given out to the overall highest, men and women’s, bowling score. We were also very impressed with the pizza provided by AMF Star Lanes.

So, why write a blog post talking about our office party? What does that have to do with the business side of Drum Creative? In a word, everything. As we have stated in previous blogs, our team truly enjoys the work that we get to do. However, we also enjoy our friendships with one another that extends beyond our office and into the family lives of each team member. This dynamic spills over into our work and the result is a much stronger creative team. We feel that our clients benefit from these relationships because we all actually enjoy being together as well as working together. This comes out in every graphic design, web design, or branding effort that we tackle. We are looking forward to many more creative opportunities in the coming year and look forward to developing relationships with many new clients. There is already a rumor that we will bowl again next year. If true, one thing is for certain, we will have a ball!

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