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Graphic Designers Do More Than Draw Pretty Pictures

ArticlesGraphic Designers Do More Than Draw Pretty Pictures

Graphic designers draw really pretty pictures that communicate your message with clarity and consideration, content and focus, creating an immediate impact to help your audience remember you in that instantaneous moment. We “draw” from the art of practice – from history, experience, understanding, and often limitations set by clients and/or the market.

We Take Your Brand Seriously

Graphic design is a serious profession that takes your brand identity very seriously, and the strategic path a graphic designer leads you down does not happen perchance. Businesses often make the mistake of thinking that graphic design is lower on its list of priorities, but branding and advertising one’s business should be in the top 3 – and in a graphic designer’s opinion, it should be #1.

Who you are and how you want to convey your message is reason enough to take the first step in hiring a qualified designer or agency to help you create an unparalleled marketing plan that you cannot create alone. You’re great at your job, and a graphic designer is great at theirs; don’t try to do it all yourself – that’s why graphic design professionals can be trusted to take your brand from mediocre to great!

More Than Just a Graphic Designer

  1. Graphic designers see your brand from an outside perspective.

This reality, no matter how hard you try, is a perspective that you can never fully grasp. The perception of your business will always be skewed a little left or a little right. You, of all people, know your business inside and out, but it’s how others see your business that counts. Graphic designers ask the right questions to help you discover and express the potential that exists within your brand. Beginning with logo and tagline, mission and vision, and continuing through positioning and branding, a graphic designer can create a roadmap of recommended strategies and deliverables to further your success in the marketplace.

  1. Graphic designers create appropriate designs.

As a whole, graphic designers must be very good listeners. Bump the trends, the forecasts, the modern, the cutting edge – what’s cool now, award-winning designs. Nope, it’s staying true to your personal message that counts. – and sometimes incorporating trendy elements, but only if they work. Pretty pictures aren’t always the answer, and an image isn’t always everything – that is, unless, it’s appropriate to your brand strategy. Graphic designers are masters of thinking outside the box – within a box. Creating your branding box – or brand standards is a good place to start. If a designer is creating a new website for an eco-friendly gas company, more than likely he won’t use a picture of an oil spill on a red background – but not everyone understands this concept; it’s a graphic designer’s job to know these things and create designs according to what’s honored, accepted and understood in the market. Confusing your clients is the worst thing you can do to instill brand recognition and awareness. Keep it clean, real, and without a doubt, YOU.

  1. Graphic designers will be your brand guardian.

Once your brand has been established, and everyone is trekking down the course, there will be moments where you’ll say, “Let’s add some ________ to this brochure”. Great graphic designers will encourage your input, but carefully hold your hand down another path that you may or may not want to be lead down. Be open to this! You can trust your graphic designer to know your brand well enough to steer you back onto a course that’s more appropriate and keeping with your strategy. We all hate to be boxed in, but in terms of branding, it’s a box that can be molded and shaped over time, that can grow slowly alongside your brand. Brand standards set you up for success, and if created in a perfect world, allow elements of your business to fall perfectly in place with a design plan, color chart, font selection, etc. that says YOU.

There’s always room in your budget to hire a graphic designer. Design has become more measurable than ever, and with brand recognition comes money. With money comes vacation…and while you’re on that vacation, rest assured knowing that you did the right thing by hiring a graphic designer to handle just one more thing that you don’t have time to do.


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