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Simple Isn’t Simple, But It Is Possible

ArticlesSimple Isn’t Simple, But It Is Possible

Every once in a while, you get the opportunity to do something big, something that really makes a difference. Recently, our little gang of talent was granted such an opportunity: we were selected to redesign the website for The Cliffs.

This was quite an honor- and undertaking. There was definitely was a feeling of excitement and creative electricity in the air around here. We were ready, willing and able to knock this baby out of the park. The Cliffs gave us a collection of separate community websites and it was our responsibility to define and give voice to their end vision.

Distilling anything to its simplest form almost always involves an intense amount of work and dedication. That is absolutely true when it comes to the way we build custom websites.

So we did what we do best – combine the brainy with the creative – and created a navigational scheme that highlights the main options; each then takes the visitor to the subpage they need – efficiently and intuitively. We also built a dynamic real estate search function with Ajax that is easy to use and attractive to visitors. For a site with such a great amount of information, the usability makes the complex simple, thanks to the user interface we based the site on.


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