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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Our Company

Articles10 Things You Didn’t Know About Our Company

We’re competitive, creative, intelligent, and big thinkers. But wait, there’s more! Here’s a closer look at Drum Creative:

1. Purpose: We have a reason for being that goes above and beyond making money. I can’t put it more eloquently than our Content Strategist, “We want to save the world, one website at a time.” It’s under the skin of every member of our team.

2. Not one member of our team has ever worked for a “web design” firm prior to becoming a “Webworx-er.” Don’t let that scare you. Let that entice you! And here’s why: we approach everything from a common-sense perspective, kinda like how your customers first approach you. There is no, “Well that’s the way it’s always been done” dogma echoing around our hallways.

3. Everybody simply adores working here. Billionaire Warren Buffett brags about how he skips to work each day. Well, so do we (sometimes we bike, walk or drive to work, too, but we’re always mentally skipping the entire way) and we’re not billionaires. Building attention-grabbing, relevant, well-worded websites in a collaborative atmosphere are just plain fun.

4. Our web designers are spoiled rotten. Seriously. If you’ve seen their offices you’d agree. No wonder they never leave.

5. Our lead developer was born in a car. You may already know this by reading his bio, but Joel Newcomer was indeed born in a ’76 Chevrolet Impala and we’re really proud of that fact.

6. Our office sits right next door to Senator Jim DeMint. Not saying that’s such a good thing, but an interesting piece of trivia nonetheless. (Stay tuned to our blog … we will let you know if we overhear anything worth repeating)

7.  Friday afternoon happy hours. Really? Yup… from 3:30 until 5:00 or so. This American tradition has become one of our rituals. After all, we are Americans, right? If you happen to be near the corner of Broad and Main Streets during this time, come on up. We’ll buy you a beer.

8. Our sales have doubled every month since we opened for business earlier this year. It’s true, we are still pinching ourselves. Although we reluctantly admit, it’s probably not sustainable. After all, Planet Earth is only so big. However, the Web … there seems to be no end in sight. That makes for a lot of websites that need saving.

9. Have you been bombarded with postcards from a web design firm? Those oversized, full-color ones? Aren’t they fabulous? Yeah, they’re ours. (If you’d haven’t yet seen our fabulous postcards, check out our most recent postcard by clicking the tab in the upper left of this page.)

10. And lastly, the final thing you didn’t know about our company is this astounding little gem: The owner of the company (that’s me) doesn’t take a salary. Not that I liken myself to Steve Jobs or anything, but I’m just having fun and really like building great businesses. (editor’s note: the editor of this blog, a Webworx-er herself, didn’t even know this one! See how honest and open we are?)

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