Belton Industries

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The Problem

Belton Industries’ previous website by most people’s standards would have been considered a nice website and not necessarily needing an update. However, we discovered that using standard menus for a user to find what they were looking for was confusing them rather than guiding them. Belton offers a lot of products that can be very hard to find, and we had to come up with a solution to make that user experience better.

Our Solution

The result was we also simplified the navigation for both returning customers and new prospective customers. The primary feature of this website is the complete, custom-built product selector that makes it easy for a website visitor to find a pre-designed solution for their exact needs. The goal of the tool was to make it more user-friendly and to quickly connect visitors with solutions. The user is able to filter to the solution they need by selecting their market and characteristics of the products they are seeking.

Returning customers can easily access Technical Documents on the products they own or search by product number on the Products page. For new customers, we created an illustrated guide to help them navigate and find all of Belton’s solutions. This allows them to easily contact Belton to request a custom solution if they can’t find the one they need.

Services Provided

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