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The Problem

Grassmats was having a tough time growing their business and felt like their website wasn’t converting any new business for them. At first look, we felt like their messaging was lacking and it was really confusing as to what their product did.

Our Solution

Drum came alongside them to rework the messaging and show the uses of their product. Their mats protect highly trafficked areas in a yard like around a playset and meet all the specifications required for parks and recreation districts as well as accessibility standards. We had to be creative to clearly show how their mats can be used to protect people and property. By programming a before and after tool, we were able to give a good visual of their mat in use. They also have a mesh product that is useful for businesses, schools, and golf courses that require additional parking on grassy areas. Through a website redesign, pay-per-click campaigns, and SEO, we were able to drive traffic to the website and grow their business.

Services Provided

Stop wasting money on a fancy web design that doesn’t work.

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