Hope Power & Industrial

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The Problem

Hope Power & Industrial is a job placement agency that can provide skilled laborers for some incredible jobs. They were frustrated with their website and was ready for a redesign, because It was slow, hard to update, and had some broken functionality. More importantly, it was not clear with what they did, and didn’t communicate what problem they solved.

Our Solution

We gave their website a complete overhaul. We first addressed their content by helping write a clean and simple message to their two different audiences. By truly defining their customer’s problems and outlining a clear path to their two audiences, employers and job-seekers, their website now guides their visitors to the solutions they need. Their visitor’s experience has improved greatly as their website now features a clean, modern look, a bolder visual style, and clearer navigation. Their website can also be easily updated internally with a nice simple drag-and-drop page builder and features a custom programmed case studies page that highlights their abilities.

Services Provided

Stop wasting money on a fancy web design that doesn’t work.

Build a website that stands out from your competition