Koblenz Vacuum Products

The Problem

Koblenz, a vacuum company based in Mexico, was expanding into the US market. They approached us to assist with a US-focused package design on a tight deadline. Without any photography and only prototypes of their vacuums with incorrect graphics, Drum Creative worked with them to come up with quick solutions.

Our Solution

We quickly scheduled photo shoots in our studio to capture the vacuums using our white infinity wall and green screen so we could remove the backgrounds. We staged a wine spill, dirt mess, and wood chip piles to show off the power of the shop vacs. We also captured on-location shoots with actors to get some strong, heroic photographs of the devices in action. Afterward, we had to use our editing skills to recolor the devices and add the proper sticker artwork. Finally, Drum delivered quality images that we then used for their packaging design.

Services Provided

Don’t hurt your brand’s image with bad photography.

Create the visual appeal your marketing needs with eye-popping images