The Problem

NCEES is the only organization in the world that provides FE and SE engineering licensure testing. When you have that much exposure, you need a website that is easy to navigate so that visitors interested in taking their skills to the next level can find a testing location, easily find resources for study, and register for thier exams.

Our Solution

We went through a pretty thorough master planning session with them to guide them on the sitemap of the website. It was really important that we understood where their users would need to go, and that we build the website making it as easy as possible. We built Engineering and Surveying sections of the website so that users could easily register for their exams. We created a beautiful map interface, so they can select the state they were getting licensed in, and register for their exam. They could also gather resources or find out their results at a later time if they needed. NCEES receive a lot of positive feedback on how beautiful the website turned out, and how much easier it is to navigate.

Services Provided

Stop wasting money on a fancy web design that doesn’t work.

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