Saskatoons Intranet

The Problem

The Saskatoon Restaurant needed a private intranet to keep track of organizational tasks for each role in their restaurant and allow the owner to manage company-wide information and task schedules from a single place. With multi-user login and custom filtering by roles, recurring tasks, and privileged management information, we knew we would face many challenges when creating this.

Our Solution

Drum was able to build this complex employee portal using dynamic tags, custom categories, smart filters, and some custom Javascript. We divided each task into employee roles, added daily, weekly, monthly, and annual categories, and color-coded each role so users only see their assigned tasks and managers and owners can apply filters to see what’s happening at a glance. Drum also created an area for helpful articles and tutorials and styled an ink-friendly page view so employees can print information. With an easy way to edit and add tasks on-screen and detailed tutorials about how to use the system, this tool will serve Saskatoons well into the future.

Services Provided

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