Sloan Construction



The Problem

Sloan came to us through their parent company Reeves looking for a new website design. As a road construction company, they felt like their website didn’t really communicate what they did well, was difficult to navigate, and was dated.

Our Solution

We discussed the importance of clarifying their message, and we guided them through the Story Brand framework to help clarify that message into an elevator pitch, and then convert that message into a simple wireframe that displayed the order and flow of the message. After crafting their brand’s message for the homepage, our team was able to create a beautifully designed, and dynamic website. With the clarity of the message, we were able to organize the website in a way that was simple for their users. We organized the site in a way that allowed their visitors to see that they were a trusted partner with more to offer than most companies because they were a part of a larger group of companies. All-in-all, the photography, and iconography our team produced, enhanced the design and messaging to provide them with a website that attracts their target audience and makes their customers the hero.

Services Provided

Stop wasting money on a fancy web design that doesn’t work.

Build a website that stands out from your competition