The Blood Connection AB Plasma Donors

The Blood Connection

The Problem

A/B blood is a universal blood type that is considered the rarest of all blood types. The Blood connection needed a way to instruct potential donors about the urgency of donating AB Plasma and how it benefits everyone, from infants to adults. They wanted people to be educated and motivated to consider making a donation. In order to accomplish this goal, we decided to produce a video.

Our Solution

We developed a storyboard to define the specific shots we needed and to make sure that the video contained the right message using the proper wording. We began shooting footage from one of the blood centers focusing on actual donors going through the donation process. We also made a visit to the main facility to learn and show how blood gets separated.

After videoing the blood centers we added stock animations of blood cells, combining them with other images and video to create an effective message that communicated the Blood Connection’s call for action. We arranged, edited, and produced the final video using Final Cut Pro.

Services Provided

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