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Reputation Management is essential for growing your business in today’s online market. The online reputation of your company is imperative to the successful growth of your brand. Having a reputable online presence can keep potential customers from turning to your competition. One of the best reputation management tools is online review marketing.

Online reviews continue to grow in importance for local businesses as consumers depend more on other people’s opinions than ever before. A significant portion of smaller firms has no strategy in place for getting positive reviews. Your online reviews impact search engine results and can have a specific impact on your business, positive or negative.

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90% of U.S. Consumers Read Online Reviews; Only 6% Write Them

You’ve worked hard to exceed your customer’s expectations. You’ve under-promised and over-delivered. Maybe you’ve taken a loss for them. Or you’ve pulled a series of all-nighters.

You’ve gone above and beyond.

When you talk to them, they are full of praise.

So why won’t they do it? Why won’t they write a review?

“Never thought to do so.”

“Simply forgot.”

“It’s just too difficult.”

Why Do I Need to Get Reviews From My Customers?

72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as recommendations from friends and family.

4 out of 5 consumers have reversed a purchase decision based on negative online reviews.

Consumers look at up to 10 reviews before making a decision.

Over 50% of consumers say that reliability is the essential reputation trait when selecting a business to use.


4 reasons for customer reviews

How We Help You to Get More Reviews and Convert Your Customers Into Reviewers

  • By asking and reminding customers to share their experience online
  • By driving the customer to a destination to convert them into reviewers
  • By Guiding each review by selecting the best review site and completing the review
  • By making the process easier
  • By providing a clear, distraction-free landing page
  • By identifying unhappy customers for a service recovery opportunity
  • By setting the customers expectation and guiding them
  • By managing your online reputation and reviews

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