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Optimizing Your SEO Efforts For On The Go Lifestyles


Focusing on an ever-changing digital landscape that has progressively reflected an “on-the-go” mentality has become paramount. Algorithms are quickly changing within major search engines to deliver content, services, and products that deliver what a potential consumer needs at the moment or at least in the short-term future. By catering to this paradigm shift, satisfying your desired traffic and ranking results will be achievable.

An “On-The-Go” Mentality

Consumers are beginning to embrace an “on-the-go” mentality, where information about products or services needs to be accessed almost instantly as they go about their day. Creating an easily accessible profile on major search engines, which includes location data and information about the services or products your company provides, is paramount. These websites might include Google, Angie’s List, and Yelp. Optimize your website for keywords based upon the locations in which your products or services are typically purchased. Consider a digital advertising campaign aimed at local consumers.

Focus on Quality and Shareability

While factors such as keyword density, content length, and outbound/inbound links are important prerequisites, major search engines have changed algorithms to emphasize the quality and shareability of the content. Content that provides a quality source of information that can be used by online viewers for a long period of time has a much higher chance of producing desired results in terms of search engine optimization efforts. This means focusing on providing information that other websites on the web haven’t or can’t provide instead of regurgitating already existing information or opinions. If possible, extend the length of content as much as possible to encompass all of the information available on a subject. Many pages can rank highly for a keyword by having longer content than other competing websites on the web.

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