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SEO 101 – The Value of Meaningful Page Titles

ArticlesSEO 101 – The Value of Meaningful Page Titles

Every page on your website should have a meaningful title for the purpose of search engine placement and reader experience. If you’re building a website using a canned website creation tool, every title will then appear on the “back end” of a website in the title tag. Title tags are the number one priority search engines use to understand what your web page is about.

Page Titles Matter to Users

Consider this: how many times have you ever Googled the words “About Us”? Probably not once. Yet if you were to Google the phrase right now, you’d see more than 25,000,000,000 results. The first few listings are well-optimized pages about website design topics related to an About Us page, but the rest of these listings are here because there is a page titled “About Us.”

  • What about the page title “Home”?
  • How many times have you ever searched that keyword?
  • If you did, it probably had nothing to do with the 25 billion results that show up.

Google and Yahoo! have adjusted the way they look at pages titled “home” for local search. A search for “home” will likely return Home Depot and some local real estate listings. If you’re not in the residential real estate business, there’s no reason to use the title “home” on your website.

Use Titles Your Customer Will Search and Understand

To illustrate, let’s imagine a professional plumber in Denver named Joe. He’s building his first website with a template service. Rather than naming a page “About Us,” Joe should consider a different phrase like “About Joe’s Plumbing” or “History of Joe’s Plumbing in Denver.” The same goes for pages named “services,” “history,” and so on.

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