Two Ways to Prominently Display Graphics in Your Web Design

by Keith Hodges, Content Strategist
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Various web designs and graphics on smart phones and tablets

Every year is full of new web design trends and style changes. If you want your website redesigned to drive new traffic and retain your current audience, it’s essential to update your site with the best tools and visuals available. One of the most significant current trends is using more images, animations, and video. Here are two ways that contemporary websites are capitalizing on the trend.

Use text to support video.

Text is a vital component of every website. It’s how search engine bots and analytics sites know what your website is really about. It’s also a universal resource for anyone looking for quick or procedural answers. But, while content is still king, that doesn’t necessarily mean text anymore. Instead, make video your primary content format. You don’t have to have a scripted video with live actors in every clip. You can use anything from simple animations to lengthy tutorials, and those resources are what most mobile and tablet viewers will prefer.

That means your text component will play a different role. Instead of being the star of a blog post, it supports the primary visual. It also means the text can be a transcript, a more in-depth question and answer piece that gives more detail than the video, or even a tangential post that references the video’s content but can be independently read.

Use graphics to provide an emotional backstory for your products and services.

Selling and marketing are ultimately about persuasion. It’s essential to provide logical reasons for why a potential customer should make a purchase, but using emotion can be even more persuasive. Show pictures of smiling people to add tone to recommendations and reviews. Show photos of your uniformed professional providing services, so buyers feel more confident. Adding pictures provides a more human context and gives more information at a glance.

Graphics are not only for your business blog, landing pages, and product catalogs. Make sure your ‘About Us’ page and any news postings are video- and image-heavy, too. It’s more and more important to have customers personally connect with your brand. That can be hard to do online, so use video storytelling and unposed photographs to communicate with your audience.

If you want to start adding more images and video to your business website, let our web design professionals help turn your site into a streamlined, graphical storefront.

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