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Ramp Up Your Facebook Video Marketing Campaign

Facebook is a powerful social media marketing platform whose power is further boosted by Facebook video. With high-speed Internet being more available, video content has steadily become a more viable and powerful method for reaching your target audience. It has tremendous reach, and people love videos. However, just putting out videos won’t work. You need to do it right.

Here are three ways you can take your video marketing skills to the next level:

Hit Viewers Hard and Fast

To make your videos work, you need to get the viewer’s attention in the first five seconds. Anyone on their phone or computer has a million push notifications and posts screaming for their attention. If you don’t catch their eye quickly, they will scroll past your video.

There are many ways you can grab a person’s eye quickly. For example, you can synthesize the value of your video in a sentence or two to quickly rouse the viewer’s curiosity. Eye-catching visuals can also have a similar impact.

Go Vertical

While the aesthetics of vertical video can be argued, its high performance on Facebook video cannot. Vertical videos are inherently more mobile-friendly, as users do not have to turn their phones to get the full experience. However, there is a caveat: that Facebook’s messenger feed does not support vertical video. Only the native platform does. Depending on where users view your videos, you may want to move off vertical and go landscape.

Use Great Thumbnails

Your video thumbnails are the first real interaction your videos will make with your audience, so you need to make them as powerful and eye-catching as possible. It will not matter how well you make your video or how informative it is. If you cannot make a powerful first impression with a great thumbnail, people will just scroll past it.

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