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User-Generated Video Content and Social Proof

ArticlesUser-Generated Video Content and Social Proof

How can you give your audience the opportunity to interact with your products when you don’t have a brick-and-mortar storefront? How can you demonstrate product quality in a manner that’s relatable, shareable, and engaging? Video content converts customers in the decision-making stage of the buyer’s journey. When trusted peers, experts, or influencers positively interact with your products in demonstration videos, your brand achieves social proof.

According to Sprout Social, social proof is the concept that people will follow the actions of the masses. The idea is that since so many other people behave in a certain way, it must be the correct behavior. Here’s how you can use video demonstrations to satisfy your audience’s demand for social proof with user-generated visual media:

1. Unboxing videos

Customers savor the experience of unpackaging new products, which is one reason unboxing videos are so popular: They get to measure the reviewer’s emotional response and gain a better understanding of the product than attainable in product stills. Unboxing videos have such a visceral effect that their use for marketing children’s products may be too effective.

2. Real-world product testing

Today’s most influential consumers are Millennials, who embrace video content as essential to their pre-purchase research. Brand-generated demonstration videos meet those needs, but user-generated reviews lend greater authenticity to your marketing and give context to your products. There’s no better way to answer these consumer questions:

  • How does that dress really fit people who look like me?
  • Is this drone as easy to operate as the brand claims?
  • Can people like my mom figure out this home automation system?

Informed customers tend to be more satisfied with their purchases, and they appreciate the opportunity to learn about products from users who share their values for quality, convenience, and brand reputation. Contact us and let’s start a conversation about boosting your brand’s social proof through creative, scalable video marketing.

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