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The Strength of Video Content

ArticlesThe Strength of Video Content

Video Marketing

When businesses hear the term “video production,” there tends to be a bit of recoil. There are worries that the benefits of video marketing can’t be justified by the amount of time, energy, and money, required. Well, we are here to make two pertinent points:

  • Those fears are unfounded; video doesn’t have to be expensive or labor-intensive.
  • Videos are among the most beneficial marketing decisions a business can make.

Video And Web Traffic

Cyber trends are strongly on the side of video as a primary mode for Internet traffic. In fact, 80 percent of web traffic is predicted to be video-based by 2019. This means individuals are not just going online seeking specific videos, it also means they are growing more comfortable with video as a primary news and advertising medium.

The shift to video in consumer demand suggests individuals are more likely to engage with video as a channel for B2C and B2B sales than other digital avenues. The data backs this up. Studies have shown that videos embedded in emails improve click-through rates more than two-fold. Furthermore, videos on website landing pages increase conversions by more than 80 percent. These are significant increases that demonstrate video does something online that few other modes can. It engages more senses than traditional text or pictures and it’s more inviting as well.

Are You Ready to Develop a Video Marketing Strategy For Your Business?

Using video as a marketing tool is gaining steam, and fast. There is real agreement among business professionals that its merit is warranted. Once again, we have statistics to back this up. More than 50 percent of marketing professionals think video delivers the strongest channel-specific ROI. The strategy is videos need to be smart, engaging, and relatively short to encourage viewership. Contact us today to learn how we can help you develop and execute a video marketing strategy. We can produce, film, and edit your video to help get your message out in the most engaging way.

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