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Gain Attention & Solve Problems Using Videos

ArticlesGain Attention & Solve Problems Using Videos

Video is better than text. Whether you’re focusing on social media feeds, in which short videos (especially those that don’t rely on sound) are more widely shared than text and images, or on audience retention across different devices, video is doing more than blogs and articles alone. Supplement your inbound marketing with high-quality videos that:

  • Attract attention: The attention span on the Internet is short. This is true both for the average user, who clicks away or scrolls past something in a matter of seconds, and fads that shape general popularity. Make sure your videos include a “money shot” in the first two to five seconds and start off with popular video styles. If you want to have readily available videos month after month as intros fade in and out of style, keep the raw video files ready for easy editing and adopt your intro sequences and captions to whatever people like next.
  • Solve problems: The essence of inbound marketing is that it’s not made up of in-your-face commercials. Instead, it’s made up of how-to and entertaining content that solves your audience’s problems (whether those problems are a broken appliance or boredom). People aren’t going to listen if you’re selling something, but they will listen if your video gives them something they value enough to stick around.

While these two principles are just as true for textual marketing, video provides extra clarity and excitement. You should also consider the benefits of having a YouTube channel for your business.

Our video marketing professionals can give you tips on how to hold your audience’s attention and what types of video best convert general traffic into paying customers.

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