4 Website Tips That New Business Owners Can’t Afford To Overlook

With such a vast range of templates and products for building a website on your own, you may not realize the true value and importance of investing in professional web design services. Truth be told, there are countless errors that can totally undermine the appeal and accessibility of both your website and your company. Certain mistakes can even render your website vulnerable to malicious attacks and other security threats. Here are four website tips that new business owners can’t afford to overlook.

1. Choose The Right Hosting Service

With countless hosting companies to choose from and nearly every hosting company in the world promising 99 percent uptime or higher, choosing the right one can be a challenge. Uptime is essential for ensuring that your pages are always accessible to your customers and anyone else who wants to view them. Beyond making sure that your hosting service can keep your site up and running, you also want to consider average page loading speeds. You should be able to find an affordable hosting plan with services that are both rapid and reliable. If prospective customers have to wait too long to reach your content, they’ll likely navigate back to search results long before you’ve had an opportunity to convert them.

2. Select The Perfect Domain Name For Your Business From The Outset

Domain name selection isn’t always easy. Most hosting companies will offer a few affordable selections in relation to your business’s nature or name at the start of services. There are numerous factors to consider before making any commitments. Before you lock into a domain name, you’ll want to check for any possible second meanings, potential conflicts with competitors, ease of use, and more. Consulting with a seasoned web design firm is often the best way to avoid some of the most common, embarrassing, and surprisingly costly mistakes in this area.

3. Consider Technical Fitness As Being Just As Important As Website Aesthetics

Having an attractive website for your business is not enough. You must also take steps to ensure that your site is optimized for search engines. Being present at the top of search results pages for targeted keywords is vital for making sure that people see you. Not surprisingly, however, strategic keyword use is one of many factors that determine whether your website ranks well.  Although the average new business owner is largely concerned with site aesthetics, certain technical factors have a greater impact on both short and long-term SEO campaigns. Thus, even if you’re a skilled graphic designer or a highly seasoned creative, you’ll need to have a technical-minded designer on your team as well.

4. Think About How Self-Managed Web Design Will Impact The Overall Security Of Your Website

Platforms like WordPress are generally most secure in their core functions. To maintain consistent security in this area, WordPress provides regular updates to platform users. However, keep in mind that all plugins and themes for this platform are made available through third parties. Irrespective of any updates made by these third parties, serious vulnerabilities can creep in whenever these products are used, and particularly when website owners poorly monitor ongoing site security. Unfortunately, even a single security breach can be devastating for any business. This remains true whether a company is brand new or has a very positive and long-standing reputation.

For this reason alone, investing in qualified web design assistance and getting help with long-term web management is generally advisable for any company seeking a lasting place in its industry.

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