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5 Reasons WordPress is the Best Choice

Articles5 Reasons WordPress is the Best Choice

When you’re creating your company’s website, you have numerous choices for platforms you can use to manage your content. So why is it that some of the biggest names on the market consistently use WordPress to manage their content?

Over the years, WordPress has proven itself over and over again to be the most powerful content management system software on the web, and it’s only rising in popularity. In fact, nearly 55% of the 1 million most visited websites run on a content management system are run on WordPress. So, what do all these websites see in WordPress? Here are five compelling reasons WordPress takes the cake when it comes to managing website content.

1. Ease of Use

WordPress was initially built to service the casual blogger. Because of that, it has been created—and maintained—so that it can be used effectively by the everyday internet user. You don’t have to be a technological guru to navigate your WordPress account, which makes it a much more attractive option for most companies.

2. Awesome Blogging Capabilities

Once again, WordPress was originally built with bloggers in mind. Though it has now expanded its offerings and can service all kinds of websites, it remains fast and easy to create compelling blogs on WordPress. Since having a business blog can help you increase sales on your website, this is a huge asset.

3. Multimedia-Friendly

The internet is a visual sphere, and WordPress knows this and makes it easy to upload images, videos, and graphics directly to your website. You can even edit media once you’ve loaded it onto WordPress, and once again, you don’t need advanced technical skills to use this feature. If you can load images into a Word document, you can load them onto your WordPress pages.

4. Customizable

Whether you want to add a “Share” button or an E-Commerce shopping cart, you can do it with WordPress. WordPress offers nearly 30,000 Plug-Ins that allow you to customize your website to meet your specific needs. This is one of the features that allows so many different types of websites to use WordPress effectively.

5. Accessible Statistics

Finally, WordPress offers a dashboard that allows you to see site statistics—including how many viewers you’ve had in a given day, week, or month, as well as how many clicks your links are getting—without having to install any extra software.

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