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Here Are 10 Reasons NOT To Hire Drum

ArticlesHere Are 10 Reasons NOT To Hire Drum

We believe that every business has unique products and/or services that require an equally unique website to clearly communicate what a business offers. But, if you “just want a website” and don’t care about establishing the narrative of your brand, then we probably won’t be a good fit for you. Here’s why:

1. You believe Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are good enough.

Your brand and your message can easily be crammed into the framework of a Facebook page and a few random tweets. Besides, everyone is on Facebook and it’s free. A website that uses design and structure to provide valuable information about your company isn’t that important.

2. You understand marketing and branding better than professional marketers.

The insight and wealth of knowledge that our professional team has acquired from years of education and experience go into the work we do for you. We never stop learning about technology and techniques in the ever-changing marketing landscape. If you don’t want to be relevant by having a team of marketing professionals going to bat for you, then please do not choose us.

3. You think a Squarespace template and some thrown-together content will be good enough.

It has been said that “content is king’. So, website content that is tailored to your business is not a big concern. Write some pithy paragraphs about your business and slap a logo on it and you are good to go. If you don’t want a thoroughly and carefully thought-out website, then you don’t want to work with us.

4. You feel that potential customers don’t expect you to have a website and already think of you as credible.

When your potential customers search on their phones, they don’t expect to find a well-designed website that provides valuable information about how you can meet their needs. They are looking for a sketchy Facebook page or Squarespace template with patchwork content and some overused stock images because that’s what will impress them.

5. You prefer answering the phone to tell people your hours, location, etc. rather than paying for a website.

You aren’t very busy because business is slow, so answering phones just to tell someone your hours or how to find your store isn’t that big of a hassle. Plus, it would be annoying if all that information were easy to find on your website and they stopped calling and pulling you away from other valuable customers. If you like answering unnecessary phone calls then don’t hire us to scrutinize the valuable information that might make your website functional and meaningful to the searcher.

6. You’re not concerned that 80% of people use search engines to find local product and service information.

Your business can thrive on the 20% that find you while randomly driving down the road. After all, having a solid web presence doesn’t matter that much today. The cute message that you put on your marquee board will draw them in like a high-powered magnet. You don’t need to be found by the 80% searching for you on the web.

7. You don’t care about a significant boost in brand recognition or expanding your market potential through a positive online presence.

You have an established brand that at least a few dozen people in town recognize so your web presence doesn’t matter. You are happy with the status quo because it’s paying the bills for now. You wouldn’t want to have a website that builds brand recognition and demonstrates a clear, positive company message that attracts potential clients. You might get swamped with work if that happened and that would mean hiring more people and dealing with extra hassles.

8. You are fine with being as good as (or worse than) your competition.

Your competition’s website isn’t that great and not much better than yours. People might still choose your business out of pity or believe they might get a good deal. Since you apparently didn’t spend money on your website, you must be passing those savings on to them with lower prices. If you prefer not to compete, please don’t contact Drum.

9. You don’t want to showcase your products or services.

Posting photos from your camera to your Facebook page is good enough to show off what you have to offer. Customers are sure to overlook the harsh shadows and they won’t mind scrolling through dozens of Facebook posts to find out about your products and services. You wouldn’t want an easy-to-navigate website displaying quality photos and information about you and communicating how you differ from the competition.

10. You’re not concerned about showing up in Google search results.

Google is overrated. All those people searching for products and services on Google are irrelevant. You have your own way of building your business and being ranked well on Google, so having potential customers find an impressive web presence really doesn’t matter. If you don’t care about being found on millions of electronic devices, please do not contact us.

We beg you, if you “just want a website” and don’t care about growing your business, please don’t call us at 864-254-6096. We look forward to not talking to you!

Sincerely, the Drum team.

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