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How to Create Customer Profiles to Reach Your Users

ArticlesHow to Create Customer Profiles to Reach Your Users

Every business has a different motivation for serving its customers. Even if you sell one core service, people are coming to you for a variety of reasons. If you own a restaurant, some of your patrons will drop in often because you’re on their way home, and other customers will come only for special occasions; they can even order the exact same meal but be brought to your doorstep through circumstances. If you have a landscaping company, some of your customers may have a physical disability that prevents them from doing yard work, while other customers might be property managers. So, how do you orient your content to ensure your website is reaching everyone by catering to customer profiles?

Prioritize Your Landing Pages

Landing pages are focused tools for funneling sales. On landing pages, you aren’t trying to educate visitors about different aspects of the service or give them technical advice. You’re featuring a product or service that you think directly fits their needs and trying to persuade them to make a purchase immediately. Different customers have different problems which the same product can solve, so you need a collection of landing pages that emphasize different attributes and highlight different reviews for the best match.

Organize Your Content Based on Likely Scenarios.

If you sell water heaters, a lot of visitors are going to come to your site looking for answers about a crack in the heater, how to turn off the water, or how to drain it. You might also get a lot of traffic from people looking into efficiency ratings, tankless water heaters, and brand comparisons. These traffic patterns represent two common scenarios: potential customers in a panic because their water heater just broke, and potential customers who are looking for a new heater but can take the time to shop around. Every industry has a handful of likely scenarios in which customers of all profile types are coming to your site. Good web design organizes your content around what different visitors need, so they stay on your site longer and trust your brand.

Content management and building a website around customer experiences can be technically challenging, even if you have a CMS like WordPress. Contact our web design experts to help organize your content for success.


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