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Pantone’s color pick for 2018 is ultraviolet. Love it or leave it, purple is going to pop up throughout the rest of the year and linger into 2019. But that doesn’t mean it made its way onto many web designs. As popular as purple is, it’s hard on the eyes. Unlike greens, blues, and grays, human eyes have a hard time picking up on the color and that makes it a bad choice for mainstream color palettes. Here’s what modern web design chose as the color basis instead:

Don’t Use Black and White

Black font on a white backdrop starts from a good premise. It’s high contrast, which is great for easy reading. It’s close to how physical books and most paper-based text are colored, which means it isn’t jarring. It’s also the default choice on word processors. But your readers will have an easier time if you soften it a bit. Instead of using strictly black and strictly white, change your style to dark gray text on a light gray background. It’s easier on the eyes and makes your website more pleasant to look at without hurting readability.

Pick a Color or Two and Stay in the Gradient

Color is vital on every website, but save pops of unexpected colors for your images, infographics, and videos. Good web design will keep the design elements within a set of tones. This keeps the color palette consistent and attractive without distracting your visitors. 2018’s top-rated websites usually featured two or three shades of the same color, as well as two shades of gray. These colors formed all of their text, sectional panels, and organizational elements. If your company has two colors (blue and orange for a growing number of companies), you can use soft gradients of both.

Color choices are just the beginning of building a good web design. Contact us for more design tips and let our expert web design team help you tie it all together on your site.

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