Web Development


Is your website designed for user discovery and engagement? Does your website reflect your brand, make a good impression and accomplish your goals? We design and program custom websites with practically unlimited capabilities that are client-focused and goal oriented. Let Drum show you what your website can do.


Drum will design your website to display in various formats (ie. Smart Phones, Tablets and Displays). Using industry-accepted best practices, we will write the code that will render the website responsive.



1ANALYZE: In advance of the discovery meeting, Drum will review where you are now using current website analytics, identify a baseline to track the path to your future goals, review brand messaging, provide competitive insights, and identify the strengths and weaknesses of your website.

2DEFINE: We will meet with the client to finalize a sitemap, identify the content, define the target audience, customize functionality, and determine a design direction. Our team will develop a completion timeline.

  • WIREFRAME LAYOUTS Wireframe layouts allow you to preview the site’s interface and functionality and define how the user will access the site.
  • CONTENT STRATEGY Collaborating with client to build a content strategy that guides readers to the proper information or action needed to complete the clients goals. This content before design approach ensures the message will be clear and the desired actions apparent.
  • REVIEW ESTIMATE (if necessary) Drum may adjust your estimate based on additional functionality re-iterated in the wireframes.

3DESIGN: Taking the information gathered in the Discovery, our team will complete responsive design mockups based on the wireframes using the branding standards and goals of the web development redesign. The responsive design mockups will include location of images, text formatting, navigation and flow of information.

4ACTIVATION / PROGRAMMING: Once all concepts from the design mockups/wireframes have been approved, our team will begin writing the code to convert these designs into a functional WordPress website. The website itself will be developed on a staging domain, so the client will be able to review the progress as we reach development milestones.

  • WORDPRESS TRAINING Our team will train selected individuals to manage, add and update content on the website using the WordPress CMS (content management system). This training consists of up to 2 separate sessions. This is the last step before the site goes live.
  • CROSS-BROWSER TESTING AND LAUNCH Drum will cross browser test and repair any issues found on multiple operating systems and browser combinations.



WordPress is an online web creation tool that is completely customizable and can be used for any type of website you can imagine. You can make edits to your own site, saving time and money, and engage with your clients quickly and easily. WordPress integrates with tools, forms, and custom plug-ins that increase functionality. It allows you to get optimum exposure on the web. Drum’s one-stop, in-house team can customize your ideal website beyond WordPress; in fact, custom sites are our specialty!

WordPress Integration Advantages

  • Controlled Content Management System with user-friendly administrative access through WordPress
  • Unlimited pages (for static content) and posts (for dynamic content such as recent news or blog entries)
  • Easy to use WYSIWYG editor for content management
  • Compatible XML sitemap file for search engines
  • Banner image management on a per-page, or per-post basis
  • Recent News section or Blog with post scheduling capability
  • Simple video embeds from popular social media sites, YouTube and Vimeo
  • Media library containing uploaded images and documents
  • Built-in search function to locate content within your site
  • Extremely powerful, built-in Form Management System that allows the client to create any form, including conditional logic forms
  • Cache content for performance optimization
  • Private and password protected pages
  • Drag-and-drop navigation menus with drop-down capabilities