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Does your brand
clearly and consistently
represent who you are?

If you confuse, you lose.

A weak brand identity may not attract customers and damage your reputation in a saturated marketplace.

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Inconsistent Visuals

Make customers question who you really are 

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Unclear Messaging

Makes customers believe you can’t fulfill their needs

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Poor Design

Makes customers think you don’t care about them

We understand how much brand confusion can hurt your business

which is why over the last 15 years, our quality branding team has created clear brand messaging and visual brand standards to help companies drum up business.

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They went above and beyond with their high quality work. A great partner if you want good marketing associated with your brand!
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Bo Helmrich
Digitize Designs
Drum really helped us in branding a line of products to go to market. Cannot say enough good things!
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Tim Johnson
Fresh Chef Foods
Been working with them for almost a year now. Drum made a fantastic logo and was the only Upstate company to return my call.
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Brian O’Neill
The Tattooed Agent

A quality brand starts with a
clear message and quality design

Booze Buggy

Servants for Sight

Hanover Mortgage

How to Strengthen Your Brand

Your brand should always be consistent and clear, and we offer a variety of branding services to help you.

Refresh your look with a strong logo that reflects your brand

Take your market by storm with print and online graphics that align with your brand

Get noticed on the floor with eye-catching displays that brilliantly showcase what you offer

Join our 150+ Brands Succeeding in the Marketplace​

We’ve helped large and small brands succeed for over 15 years.

How to Get Your Brand to Shine

You Talk - We Listen

Discover why our clients love us

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Build a Plan

Build a custom strategy around your goals

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Drum Up Business

Gain momentum with a successful brand identity

You Talk - We Listen

Discover why our clients love us

a white icon of the number "2"

Build a Plan

Build a custom strategy around your goals

a white icon of the number "3"

Drum Up Business

Gain momentum with a successful brand identity

You should be proud of how your brand performs,

which is why we built an experienced team around our proven process that will meet your goals and give your visitors a better first impression with your website.

Stop losing valuable customers to confusion

Connect with them through a clear, consistent message and design.

Table of Contents

What is Branding?

Many people associate their branding identity with a business logo. While partially true, your brand identity has more to do with the overall face of your business.

Branding defines how your product or services are perceived.

Branding portrays your company’s standards, services, vision, and character. It can empower the employees who work for you and engender allegiance from your clients.

Brand Discovery

Brand discovery is one of the most important steps in building your business. As a result, our process for establishing a brand identity begins with a Discovery interview. We take the time to learn your business from the inside out and the outside in prior to any branding decisions. We also study your competitors in order to gather inspiration while avoiding duplication.

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From Branding Concept to Design

Once we have a good grasp of your business, our creative team goes to work designing a variety of brand identity concepts. We make sure that these concepts reflect your business accurately based on our interviews with you and our competitor research. We will guide you through each concept in order to arrive at the one that best represents you and your business.

The Defining Moment in Branding

Blood Connection Branding on print materials and a white van

Once we agree on your final brand identity we will develop a Usage Guide and Style Guide. The Usage Guide will be created immediately, providing you with direction for how, and how not, to use your logo. The Style Guide will be developed over time, establishing your brand identity in relation to fonts, style, colors, sizes, shapes, integrations and other sub-brands. We can also help you establish your branding through your tagline, stationery, packaging, email communication, and marketing materials.

Helping you discover, design, and define your point of difference is what we do best.

If you’re ready for us to take a look at your business and start analyzing your branding message, contact us for a consultation.

We Do More than Just Branding

Here’s a variety of additional services to help you drum up even more business.

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