5 Ways To Use Illustration

Illustrating A Business Brand Or Website

Using an illustration for your business website or brand can help you to be recognizable and memorable. Illustration has many benefits and is not limited in its application and usage. Good Illustration can be used in a variety of ways depending on the type of business using it. You can find illustrations used everywhere from small businesses to large corporations. Illustrations can enhance your message or product by adding visual appeal and making you unique among competitors. Here are five ways that illustration can be used to enhance a business logo, brand, or website.

1. Adding Personality To Your Business: Character Illustration

Character illustration involves the use of an animal or person to illustrate your brand or website. It can provide personality to your business identity, including your website and printed materials. Character illustration requires more work in order to capture and bring out the personality of the character but is worth the time in order to stand out and be noticed. We have been commissioned to do several character illustrations in order to create an identity for a particular business or brand.

2. Design That Is Spot-On: Spot Illustration

Spot illustrations can be used as a stand-alone object that can help promote a specific event, place, or product on your website, especially your home page. This can still be an animal or person but usually not using a full image or one with a visible personality. It can also be a variant of a specific brand like The Blood Connection logo below. In this case, the brand is still strong and recognizable but is illustrated in a different way in order to promote a particular blood drive.

3. Small Feature, Big Function: Icon Illustration

Icons are typically small and used to help navigate a site or highlight a particular navigation menu or function. Icons are created using less detail but are easy to see when they are small in size. In most cases icons are simple, consisting of one or two colors. They are especially useful when redesigning a website, providing a clean appearance and user experience.



4. Avoiding An Identity Crisis: Logo Illustration

A logo is a symbol or other illustration chosen by a business to identify its products, services, and brand. An effective logo can provide visual recognition without the need for extreme detail. Look at some of the leading business logos like Nike, Target, or Walmart and you will see that simple is memorable. There are several reasons why you might consider having a logo designed. You might be starting a new business, introducing a new product or service, changing your name, refreshing or rebranding because your current logo is outdated or old-fashioned, you want your identity to be easier for consumers to recognize, or maybe the nature of your business changes over time. Whatever the reason, having the right logo can add great value to your business and business brand.


5. Creating Content Within Context: Scene Illustration

Scene illustration can be a fully illustrated background that may or may not include several objects or character images. These examples show various possibilities for using a scene illustration, including an illustration of a city and a watercolor background. Click the images below to see how they were incorporated into the overall design.


Why Hire A Professional Illustrator?

The internet has made us all “professionals” in one way or another. At least that can be our thinking when we want to create a great illustration for our business logo or website. Many people feel they can simply grab a piece of clipart from the internet or Google an article on “how to create a business logo” and throw something together. However, there is so much more to branding your business, especially when it comes to illustration. A professional can see beyond the illustration and can brand your business in a way that gives it professionalism, identity, and longevity.

A creative professional . . .

  • ensures brand and color consistency across multiple platforms
  • provides extensive design experience
  • promotes a long-term strategy rather than a one-time solution
  • has a good understanding of best practices for specific illustration styles
  • has access to resources and creative talent to give you exactly what you want
  • uses industry-standard software applications/formats for all platforms including mobile, web, print, and promotional pieces
  • protects your investment by helping you to avoid bad choices such as providing you with an original design that avoids legal issues and prevents a look that appears overused or copied
  • designs your brand to be unique and memorable


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