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Most people don’t quite understand what goes into a great brand or how important the brand actually is to the company. But the truth is, how your brand is perceived by the potential customer or user affects its success – and your company’s success – no matter how large, or small, your business might be.

Brands create emotional connections; they become irreplaceable and these connections develop into lifelong relationships. Essentially, your brand creates a bond between your consumer and your organization. In order to sustain this bond, it should be built on trust and reliability, evoking an overall warm and fuzzy feeling.

The Coca-Cola logo does that for me – it gives me that warm, fuzzy feeling. When I see that ice-cold can of delicious goodness, I know I’m going to get exactly what I expect. I’m comfortable with that. I trust that it’s going to be totally refreshing. Plus, it just so happens that I think the Coke logo is the greatest logo – and has the best brand recognition – of all time.

Still, a company’s brand isn’t just a pretty logo. The logo must speak to the brand it represents. It has to speak to the company and its main purpose. A great logo is like a nice paint job on a car – without it, the car isn’t nearly as impressive. The paint job gives you a hint of what’s inside and a feeling of what to expect. But the car, or in this case your brand, is the guts underneath the logo. It’s the perfectly constructed engine and the luxurious interior that speaks to your customers.

Just as the paint job, the interior, and the engine are essential to producing a sought-after car, so is every part of your business to building brand identity. Each piece is just as important as the next. Just like that engine, if one spark plug isn’t firing right the whole thing won’t work. Similarly, if you have one peripheral item in your brand that doesn’t speak to the main purpose of your company, that one piece – whether it’s your logo, your products, or your website – is going to put a dent in your brand and in the loyalty your company has worked so hard to build.

Ask yourself, what is your brand message? Is it clear? What does your brand say about your organization? Answering these questions is the first step to building a truly dynamic organization and creating engaged, loyal customers.

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