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Decorating Ideas For Branding Your Office Space

ArticlesDecorating Ideas For Branding Your Office Space

Creating Your Brand Online AND On-Site

Having a website for your business has become a necessity. However, having a business website is only one part of your overall branding presence strategy. The same design and detail that go into presenting your brand online should go into the look and feel of your office or retail space as well. When someone visits your website and your office, do they feel like they are visiting the same company or is there a disconnect between how you represent yourself online versus on-sight? Decorating your office space with consistent branding elements can say a lot about who you are and what you offer.

Envisioning Your Space Inside Out And Outside In

We recently did an interior design update of our entire office space, including the outside. We started out by considering the space itself. What is the first impression you have when entering the building? How is the interior space used? Where do the employees spend most of their time? Where do visitors and clients go within the building?

We started out by considering the space itself. What is the first impression you have when entering the building?

We created a 3-D scale rendering of our entire office to help us visualize the daily use and flow of each area. Using the rendering, we decided where our branded graphics would best be utilized. We also considered the windows outside of the office. We knew we did not want to use standard blinds in our windows but still wanted some sense of privacy as we worked. We chose to use Clear Focus ImageVue which is a special screen material that allowed us to print graphics on the outside but would give us a normal view from the inside.


Raising Your Image

We added raised letter elements to display our logo on both entryway walls. We also used raised letters on our hallway wall with our tagline, “Create Impact”, making use of the entire wall space. In our conference room, where we have most of our meetings with potential clients, we designed a wall graphic that allows us to creatively show our clients exactly what our capabilities are. This wall creates interest and allows us to tell our story to potential clients in a visual way. In the space where our creative team spends most of their time, we created a fun, retro wall, paying homage to the classic video arcade game, Galaga. We changed the game screen colors to match our branded colors and used our phone number as the high score. We have been privileged to create and decorate other interior office/retail spaces for clients such as Canal Insurance and The Blood Connection. We really enjoyed getting to decorate our own space and hope that some of our ideas will inspire you in branding your own space.



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