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Graphic Design for Strong Rebranding

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Instant recognition is one of the most important facets, and goals, of strong marketing. You want your customers to know at a glance that a product or service belongs to your company and you want that recognition to carry all the connotations of high-quality reliability that you have to offer. Having a logo design and strong branding pattern is the best way to achieve a consistent, unique message that makes you stand out from your competition even in the stimulus-packed environment of the Internet.

If you’re rebranding to get that strong, instant recognition, how do you start?

  1. Identify the message you want to deliver to your customers. Any communication to prospective customers has to be short, clear, and impactful so it doesn’t get bogged down or pushed aside. We start with your previous logo or tagline and start to develop a revised message based on your goals, unique strengths, and how your competitors are communicating with the target audience.
  2. Change that message into a meaningful graphic. Every abstract image, logo, or graphic design associated with a company has a purpose and, therefore, meaning. Whether it’s FedEx with their covertly hidden arrow that piqued the Internet’s interest or Amazon’s implicit ‘a to z’ secondary message, every letter and line should be crafted to carry a clear message that cleverly engages with your audience without clutter or confusion.

Rebranding isn’t just about a new logo and color scheme. It’s about redefining your business in a way that will stimulate long-term customer interest and let your company express new goals and your overriding message clearly. If you’re ready for us to take a look at your business and start analyzing your branding message, contact us for a consultation.


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