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How Can You Successfully Brand a Small Business?

ArticlesHow Can You Successfully Brand a Small Business?

When people think of successful brands, they usually imagine large, universally-known companies, sometimes even if they carry a negative connotation. But you don’t have to be universally known to be successful; it’s far more important to be regarded positively by the people and businesses who do recognize your brand. Here are a couple of ways you can begin building a strong brand online.

Grow a brand-based community.

Whether it’s through an active forum attached to your site, a series of successful email campaigns that foster communication, or even a brand with strong Reddit or Twitter traffic, building an online community is essential. Foster an environment of friendly, interesting communication, and interested leads are much more likely to stick around. Regularly encourage this growth through relevant conversation topics, celebrating events that are important to your community members, and more.

Make sure communication is three-way.

A lot of online businesses start out with one-way communication: you release content, press releases, and products to potential leads, and that’s a necessary part of getting started and getting your brand out in the world. But it’s important to encourage as much open communication as possible through as many channels as you can support. Make sure your customers and community can give you feedback and respond to your content, and also give your community a platform for talking to each other.  Not only does this give you the best insight into what your customers want, but it also strengthens the idea of community.

Small businesses operate best when they can incorporate a personal touch and excellent service to their brand. Let our branding professionals provide you with the tools and strategies to do precisely that.

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