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New Greenville Brands on Board

ArticlesNew Greenville Brands on Board

We’re celebrating some new wins this month with some really exciting Greenville-based brands.

Sunshine House

The Sunshine House, known as one of the country’s largest childcare and early education providers and has been educating young children for more than 35 years. It was founded by two young parents who wanted more for their young daughter than existing childcare facilities had to offer. Today, The Sunshine House provides premier early care and education in communities across several states with more than 100 locations. We’re working on a completely new website for them, which will be a fantastic mix of best-in-class user experience and inspirational content, showing off everything that’s great about their brand.

Thomerson, Macchiaverna, Smith & Freeman

The Business Law Group at Thomerson, Macchiaverna, Smith & Freeman P.C. is making a very smart strategic move. This Greenville-headquartered law firm is known for its solutions to real-world business problems and has garnered an impressive client list that blankets the Southeast. And now, the firm has decided to better differentiate itself and hone in on its ideal target clients. We’re helping them in realigning their messaging for the new website.

Manifest Auctions

This is strictly an online business that will offer bidding and buying of rare items across the country. Visitors will be able to buy and sell collectibles including coins, art, glass, pottery, lamps, advertising memorabilia, and even banknotes. This site will allow us to show off some of our user interface design muscle. I must say that Mary Heim is also showing off with a stunningly classy and beautiful design for this website.


Two books come to mind when thinking about this Greenville-based environmental consulting firm. “The Consultant With Pink Hair” and “The Brand Called You”. Located on Augusta Road, this company offers a wide array of soil and groundwater assessments, remediation, environmental permitting, and facility compliance services to clients from the industrial, financial, real estate, petroleum, and property investment sectors. They hired us to redesign their website in an effort to reposition themselves in a crowded market. It will launch hosting some very cool, custom graphics. The firm’s owner plans to hit the ground running with an educationally oriented content strategy.

The next two are so new, we can’t even disclose their names as yet, but what we can say is that these well-known entities. Stay tuned.

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