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Treat Your Trade Show Booths Like 3-D Landing Pages

ArticlesTreat Your Trade Show Booths Like 3-D Landing Pages

Trade show designs aren’t just about getting your name seen by a wide audience; they’re about engaging with your critical markets, establishing positive contact, and converting leads. Just like a well-designed landing page, your booth is all about generating trust and starting a relationship with your audience, whether it’s getting the contact information of a curious passerby or selling to more interested parties. Here’s how:

Keep Your Branding Clear

Everyone should know your name and logo. Make sure the information is clearly visible on everything you hand out and that you have a banner or sign that people can read from across the floor. Because you’re at a trade show, people may be able to reasonably understand your business’s products and services, but it’s more critical than ever that your logo clearly encapsulates the uniqueness of your business.

Make Sure Each Display Has a Clear, Achievable Purpose

Each of your landing pages has one specific goal per page: one might offer an e-book in exchange for signing up for your mailing list, and another might be directly selling a product. But you would never combine them or give distracting alternatives that lead away from the landing page. Do the same with each of your table’s displays: each display should have a single purpose, and it needs to be clear what your visitors should do or can receive at each one.

Everyone at a trade show is trying to stand out. But attracting an interested glance as someone walks by isn’t enough. Organize your booth so visitors have clear reasons to stop by and know what you have to offer.

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