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Trade Show Booths: 4 Ways To Prove Marketing ROI

ArticlesTrade Show Booths: 4 Ways To Prove Marketing ROI

Trade shows are one of the best methods through which brands are able to market themselves and gain more exposure to the industry. Though the sticker price of exhibiting at a trade show might be high at times, it often pays for itself when it comes to the benefits associated with trade show displays.

But what is the best way to provide trade show marketing ROI to your boss? And how do you really measure ROI from exhibit marketing? Here are three ways to accomplish this.

1) Integrate Technology & Design

Treat your trade show booth like a 3-D landing page. Your booth is your calling card, so it is essential to work with a team that is able to utilize your branding to design a booth that will really make you stand out. Having a great trade show design, coupled with a system for tracking leads is essential. This is often difficult, especially during peak trade display marketing time. One way to mitigate this is by having booth visitors fill out landing pages on your website (it is worth having a tablet on hand to accomplish this) – ensure that your booth is optimized to help visitors find ways to leave their information.

Track the number of new leads generated a few days after the conference to get a better sense of exhibit marketing ROI and if it led to growth. As the Huffington Post notes, “if you don’t measure your return on investment you won’t know what works.”

2) Social Media Reach

Monitor social media usage and engagement throughout. Was there a noticeable increase in visits and/or engagement following the trade show? Ensure that any materials distributed have information about your website and social media accounts so that booth visitors are easily able to find them.

It is also important to use social media throughout the trade show to garner interest and attract more followers from the trade show. The American Marketing Association has several recommendations on what to do – ranging from live-tweeting from the booth to utilizing the trade show hashtag when posting.

3) Measure Revenue Generation

This metric is more of a long-term one but is the most important. Keep careful measurements of revenue generation based on the leads gained from the trade show. Track how much engagement there was with leads that signed in to the landing page and how many of those new leads eventually converted into customers after.

Ultimately, trade show displays are the best tools for event marketing, as well as display marketing If you are able to account for these three metrics, your boss will surely be on board with trade show exhibits.

Successful trade show booths have one thing in common: a high-quality graphic design expert. To learn more about effective trade show design and how it can drive success for your business, contact our graphics experts to help you get started.

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