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How to Pick Your Trade Show Booths and Peripherals

ArticlesHow to Pick Your Trade Show Booths and Peripherals

Sizes, banners, posters, tabletop displays, and a host of other considerations go into the design of trade show booths. Of course, your budget is a significant influencer when planning the design. But even here, working with the right setup designers can give you the option of looking like a thousand bucks – without spending it.

Size Matters

The larger your booth, the more you pay to the trade show organizer. A typical mid-sized display measures 20 feet by 20 feet. If you want to start a bit smaller, consider a ten-foot-by-ten-foot setup. If money is no object and you snagged the prime spot at the expo hall entrance, only an island display will do. In fact, why not go with a multi-story design?

The Bare Bones Necessities

If money is an object, the right combination of graphics makes the difference. For example, a floor graphic that seamlessly continues its presentation with a backdrop banner is an excellent method for carving out your space at a reasonable cost. In addition, there is no carpet installation fee to worry about. Add a banner stand with graphics and a branded literature rack, and you are ready to go.

trade show booth designed for canal insurancePutting Together a Campaign

Thinking beyond the booth, consider working with a company that can help you engage the expo visitor on multiple levels. For example, professionals who put together the trade show booth, handle the web development of a splash page for your site, do the local marketing, and do not shy away from preparing the video content that you intend to show online and at the expo can be an excellent asset to your sales staff.

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