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The Worst Branding Mistakes Small Businesses Make

ArticlesThe Worst Branding Mistakes Small Businesses Make

What comes to mind when you think about great branding? Examples include the Wingfoot symbol for the Goodyear company, the Michelin tire man, the UPS “shield” logo, and Starbucks’ famous mermaid. However, for a small business, when one considers the amount invested in creating these iconic images, the idea of attempting a branding or rebranding initiative may seem a bit too much. But, it is actually a good bit easier than some would think. You will just need to avoid some of the worst and most common branding mistakes.

Common Branding Mistakes

1. Inconsistency

It is extremely important to present a consistent identity to your audience. This helps to build trust and feelings of comfort. Inconsistent branding will make you look unprofessional. Moreover, consistency begins with coordinating your visual assets across all online and offline platforms and material.

2. Relying on Design Trends

While the latest and greatest branding and design trends can give you a refresh and update your image, there is a distinction between modernizing and losing your identity. Don’t chase after the hottest and newest thing. It is easy to become seduced by trends, but your brand can handle multiple design trend surges before looking dated.

3. Value What Made You Successful

When it comes time for a brand redesign, don’t roam extremely far away from what originally made your brand successful. It is important that your audience recognizes and understands who you are after the redesign. Large, sudden, and radical transformations can alienate even the most loyal fan.

4. Not Thinking Beyond the Local Market

When working on a brand’s message, it is critical to think about how it may end up being interpreted in other parts of the nation or around the world. Even if you are a location-specific company, not operating outside your geographical area, it is worth recognizing and appreciating if you created an inadvertently offensive brand message.

What haven’t we covered yet that is important to you? Do you need more information? If you would like to talk more about the branding mistakes small businesses make, or a related topic, please contact us.


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