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Your Logo Design And Your Brand

ArticlesYour Logo Design And Your Brand

A great logo is a critical element in making a good first impression. Your logo should be exciting, unique, and eye-catching. You should be in love with your logo, absolutely, but your logo is not your brand. Your brand is much more.

Brand Power

Take a look around the consumer landscape and you’ll be able to easily take notice of the tribe mentality that exists around certain brands like Apple, Pepsi, and McDonald’s. These brands have very recognizable and unique logos for sure, but that is not why their customers are loyal to them. Customers are loyal to their BRAND, not their LOGO, and it is this loyalty that allows a logo to STRENGTHEN the power of a brand.

Building Your Brand

Building a strong brand online requires hard work and dedication. It requires defining and sticking to a vision, and adapting when necessary. It also requires that you involve your customers in the process. You must understand yourself and your market. Once this happens, your logo will take on a life of its own and strengthen your brand through visibility. Once you are visible, you can work on being recognized by a broader audience. All of these steps depend on each other and can be fun!

The Difference Between a Logo and a Brand

The most significant difference between a logo and a brand can be seen if you imagine making a phone call into one of your favorite company’s customer service centers. How are you treated on the phone? Do you feel like this company cares about you as a customer and fellow human? What is the hold music you’ll hear before talking to someone? These intangible qualities exist without the need for visual representation, these are what establish a brand.

Let your logo get your back after you’ve started to build your brand with some of the simple concepts we’ve described above, and contact our logo design professionals when you’re ready to design or redesign a logo.

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