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Blogs are everywhere, this is not news. In fact, it is so not news that you might want to dismiss the idea that a blog could bring you business. Lots of it. And while I don’t fault your skepticism, don’t throw the blog out with the bathwater. Not yet.

Have You Considered Forming A Gang?

I am not talking about the trouble-making type. I am talking about the business-making type; a group of local professionals with compatible interests who gather together.

If the right gang gathered together and contributed the occasional post to a blog focused on a local target market, they would own the search terms for their town and generate lots of leads for each other. Isn’t that something you’d like your business to be part of?

Assemble Your Ensemble

In your work you’ve seen that your clients need all kinds of advice and direction – and because you’re just one person with one business, you can’t answer every question or solve every problem. As a result, you’ve probably built up relationships with vendors who complement your business. So believe it or not, it sounds like you have all the pieces, now it is time to start building your gang.

The Potential of Your Gang

Creating a multi-author blog isn’t any more difficult than creating a single author blog; in fact, it might be easier because you’re not the sole person responsible for generating fresh, relevant, regular content. And the potential power of such a group blog? It is greater than the sum of its individual parts.

Here’s an example … Picture a local gym, weight loss center, athletic store, yoga studio, personal trainer, massage therapist, nutritionist, and health food store getting together to form their own gang and creating a blog dedicated to healthy living and weight loss.

With a few posts from each contributor, this gang could produce a local, keyword-rich, content asset that would turn into a valuable resource for clients and prospects and a logical referral generator for every member of the contributing team. In no time, this little gang could dominate local weight loss searches.

Keep Your Forum Focused

You can’t throw your team together without instructions – you want your blog to be a useful, expert resource. All your hard work will offer little reward if it’s just an ad for all parties, so remind your forum contributors to keep content educational and valuable. Invite comments and feedback; by interacting with your customers in this way you’ll show your human side and build a community. Give back to your readers – offer a freebie or some “insider information”- and you’ll motivate them to check back often to read your blog to see what’s new.

Here’s an unbeatable one-two punch for you to get your multi-author blog off and running to an amazing start:

#1 – Give great advice freely

#2 – Use local keywords and phrases

Do these two things and you’ll create a consistent flow of new content that will keep you on top of your prospects’ minds – and on top of local search results. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start forming your gang!

Intrigued but intimidated? Don’t worry. We can help you get started.



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