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The Case for the “About You” Page

ArticlesThe Case for the “About You” Page

On nearly every website, the About Us page is among the most visited pages.  It is often visited at that critical moment when the prospect is considering becoming a customer.  Most businesses use the About Us page as a place to sing their own praises about how the greatness of their business, their staff, their methods, company dog, or new ping pong table.

That’s all well and good, but there’s just one problem: no one cares.

People care about themselves. They want to know how your fabulous company and spectacular employees can improve their lives. The best About Us pages do exactly that. Yes, the copy on them describes the business and staff, but in a way that paints a crystal clear picture of the benefits you’ll receive if you become their customer.

So how about this … since you’ve dedicated a page on your site to “Us” (your company), then why not dedicate one to “You” (your customers)? Don’t they deserve a page of their very own?

What Should Go on Your “About You” Page?

I’ve been thinking about writing an About You page for our Main Street Webworx site for quite a while, so what would I recommend? Well, I’d say to include a list of qualities that describe your ideal prospect as well as a list of the common problems your clients have that your business can help solve like no one else in the history of the Universe. Ever.

And let me remind you: there’s a powerful psychological aspect to having an About You page. When that ideal prospect comes to your site and visits this page, you want them smiling and clapping their hands in delight, thinking, “Yes, that’s me, me, me!” When your copy focuses on your prospects, it ultimately benefits you.

Worst Case Still Helps Your Case

Okay, worst-case scenario: let’s say I go through the effort of creating this fabulous About You masterpiece, only for it never to see the light of the Internet? It still won’t be a waste, for the mere process of writing this page forced me – and my lovely, agreeable coworkers – to think about who our ideal client really is and who we are looking to attract.

If there’s one thing we have learned in our inaugural year, it is that you can’t be everything to everybody. The About You page can help you determine who those you can be everything to are – and those are the clients that will be everything to you.


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