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Give Your Business an Edge with Custom Graphic Design

In the era of search engines and mobile devices, most people judge a company’s success by its website. The categories of success can be summarized by a few website stereotypes. Artists, for instance, tend to have beautiful but minimally useful sites. Startups and old-fashioned pre-internet businesses are both often seen with inexpensive template sites generated by basic service programs. How do you know a company is successful and thriving? It has a website that is both uniquely designed and can smoothly engage its intended users. Consider the big names like Amazon, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Very few highly recognized websites have cookie-cutter template designs and neither should you!

Custom graphic design created by artists who understand web development can make the difference between a website that is “good enough” and one that effectively shows off your business. We specialize in web development so you don’t have to. You can focus on what’s best for your company and we’ll make sure you have a website that beautifully displays your content and functions smoothly for your users. Integral pieces like a logo, color scheme, layout, and font choice personalize your site in a way that pre-made templates never could.

Layout and Color Scheme

The layout is the biggest indicator of templating. Many of the most common templates are well-known. Your users will recognize an original design and appreciate the time and thought put into it making it tailored to their experience. The color scheme you choose to represent your company says a lot about both who you are and what you expect from your users. Most people choose one or two bold colors and a palette of neutral colors. This keeps the site relaxing to browse while drawing attention to headers, sidebars, and important content.

The Multifaceted Logo

This is a little word with a big impact. Your company logo design is, in fact, a central design theme and image that must take several forms of presentation. Whether your logo is a stylized company name, complex crest, custom character, or simple design, it will need to take on many forms in your business and promotional assets. It may be stamped on your products, featured in your website design, shrunk into an app icon, or put up on a billboard. Having the right logo design makes a big impact on your company. Don’t settle for Times New Roman and a smiley face, hire a professional graphic design service to make a logo that will properly represent your company, enhance your brand, and appeal to your ideal customers.

Your website should reflect you, your content, and the needs of your users. Let our expert graphic designers create a site for you that beautifully weaves together all three. We can help you in choosing the right web design plan for your business to reach the audience you want to connect with.  Contact us for a consultation today, we’d love to hear from you!

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