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5 Tips for Creating a Great Logo Design

Articles5 Tips for Creating a Great Logo Design

Whether you are a large company or a small business owner, the logo design you choose to represent you is one of the most important decisions to make. This will be the key symbol that will provide instant recognition of who you are. It is crucial to design a logo that you feel represents your brand and will stick in the minds of your customers. There are many well-known companies in the world today who have logos that  “immediately connect our minds to the business in question, without the need to see its name”.

So where does one start in designing a significant logo? Here are 5 tips to consider to help create your brand’s insignia.

1.  Choosing a Color

Having a good color palette is very important when considering your design. Eye-catching colors help attract clients toward your brand and will pique their interest. Make sure the color scheme you choose truly represents your brand in a way that is suitable yet still attractive.

2.  Be one-of-a-kind

Originality is important in order to really stand out in the business world. Your logo will be something no one has considered and would not expect. You do not want your logo to look like everyone else’s. It has to have a strong presence and show your individuality.

3.  Have a good concept

Your logo has to have a meaning that is important to your branding. It is the symbol of your business and will represent who you are. Creating and executing a strong meaningful concept plays an important role in logo design.

4.  Make it versatile

The logo will be able to work for you on different levels. Color choice is important but you also want a logo that works well in black and white too. Be sure to have a design that is suitable on a small scale as well as large. Some logos look fantastic in small print but lose a lot of depth when displayed on a broader scale such as storefront signs and billboards.

5.  Simplicity

This is crucial to logo creation. Of course, you will want an eye-catching logo that people will remember, but be sure to take time in your thought process and not overthink too much. It will be simple and to the point but memorable as well. If the logo becomes too busy, it will cause confusion to your clients and turn them away.

Creating a logo is a fun and exciting experience and will play a vital role in your business. If you are needing a new logo design or are considering rebranding your logo please contact us and learn how we can help you create a logo that best represents you and will create an impact on your business.



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