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Choosing a Hosting Company

ArticlesChoosing a Hosting Company

Why is it Important?

We constantly work to streamline our processes so we can provide the highest quality end-product for you. One hiccup that we’ve encountered numerous times is that of choosing a hosting company.

Choosing a good hosting company is vital to the success of your website—performance, downtime and security can all be affected by your choice of hosting.

Sadly, we have yet to find a hosting company that is 100% free of issues. Even with the best hosting company, there will occasionally be downtimes or performance hits. However, choosing one of the hosting companies in our recommended list below will decrease your chances of having a sluggish website, decrease downtime, and minimize your risk of being hacked.

Why We Don’t Provide Our Own Hosting

Main Street Webworx is more than happy to assist you in purchasing a domain and hosting, but there are several reasons we choose not to provide hosting as a service.

You wouldn’t buy a car from a salesman who told you that their cars only run on their gas (and oh yeah, their gas costs 5 times as much as gas elsewhere). In the same way, we like to let you buy your own hosting and not overcharge you for that service. We also like to give you full ownership of your website.

Recommended Hosting Companies

That being said, we have assembled a list of hosting companies that we have found to be reliable, provide good customer service, and have very little downtime:

InMotion Hosting
WP Engine (Note: WP Engine and Page.ly do not include email hosting, so you will need to purchase email separately. We highly recommend using Gmail for Your Business regardless of your hosting company.) Click here for some WP Engine Coupon Codes.
Page.ly (See note above)


Host Gator
Network Solutions

One More Thing

If you’ve ever had a website that got hacked, you are very familiar with the headaches and downtime that are associated with that. For an additional $89.95/year you can purchase affective premium protection through Sucuri. While we take a number of measures to protect your website from hackers and malware, Sucuri provides an additional layer of protection at an affordable price. You will definitely want to check them out to see if they work with your budget. Note that all WP Engine hosting plans include this Sucuri protection.

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