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We’re Barely Scratching The Surface

ArticlesWe’re Barely Scratching The Surface

With the recent unveiling of the new Retina Display MacBook Pro and a refreshed line of Apple products, Microsoft hasn’t been the popular topic of conversation – until now.

Just days ago Microsoft announced their latest attempt to play catch-up in the post-PC game: The Surface. This latest tablet from Microsoft sports a sharp-edged, industrial design and features an intriguing keyboard/cover combo. The Surface also packs a powerful and well-designed operating system that is rumored to make huge strides over any of the company’s current offerings.

Will the sleek factor and well-designed OS be enough to cut into Apple’s market share? Only if the price is right. I believe the only chance Microsoft stands in this post-PC era battle is to undercut the competition.

The software giant has been known to utilize this strategy to render its competitors helpless in earlier days but hasn’t had a platform to get behind. Until now. The Windows phone certainly wasn’t the iPhone party-crasher analysts thought it could be. Time will tell whether the Surface can become Microsoft’s final stand against the Pirates of Cupertino.

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