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At Drum Creative, we offer a variety of services. We can design and print your stationery and business cards. We can help you with your business logo design and branding. We can create graphic designs for any project that you might be working on. We can also help you with your business and social marketing efforts. We can even help you create a web design that puts your website in front of potential clients in a creative, informative, and profitable way.

All of our web designs are done in WordPress. We think that is important for our clients to know. WordPress is both powerful and simple to use, exactly what our clients ask us for. It is a full-featured, Content Management System (CMS). WordPress allows us to give you an original web design that is unique and complements your business. We do not use templates. We create your site from the ground up using the best WordPress tools available. The best part about WordPress is that it allows you to manage your website’s content yourself. You no longer have to go through the frustration of trying to track down the “web guy” to make changes to your site. You can write your own blogs, add new pages, create forms, update your pictures, and change any text on your own. This is a powerful combination of beautiful web design with functional web management and our clients love using it. From print to WordPress we can help your business communicate to potential clients.

If you are looking to design or redesign a website, let Drum Creative help you put your business on the world wide map and help you to drum up clients. We are located in Greenville, SC and would appreciate the opportunity to learn about your business and how we might help you to reach your business goals.

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